Leave of Absence FAQs - Graduate Students

I am a graduate student, how do I request a Leave of Absence?


Students who intend to leave the University before completing degree requirements should file an Official Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form, whether they intend to return to the University or not. That process is initiated in a graduate student's academic department:

1.A graduate student must complete the official withdrawal/leave of absence form.
2.The department chair of the student's primary program must sign the form.
3.The student must hand deliver the form to the Office of Student Assistance, 306 Steele Hall. (In the case where a student is unable to do so, the department Chair may send the form to the Office of Student Assistance.)

NOTE: The Office of Student Assistance must speak with all students requesting a leave for medical reasons (either via email, phone, or in-person).

*Your Graduate Award, Financial Aid, ID access and privileges, SU Housing eligibility, Meal Plans, and Visa status (if applicable) are all affected when you take a Leave of Absence. To determine the implications a Leave of Absence request will have on your specific circumstances, contact the appropriate offices.*