Leave of Absence FAQs - Law Students

I am a law student, how do I request a Leave of Absence?

Law Students
Law students who intend to leave the College of Law before completing degree requirements should file an Official Withdrawal/Leave of Absence request, whether they intend to return to the University or not. That process is initiated with the Office of Student Life, Suite 444, E.I. White Hall:

1.A law student must complete the official withdrawal/leave of absence request on the College of Law Intranet.
2.The Senior Assistant Dean for Student Life must approve the request.

NOTE: The Senior Assistant Dean for Student Life must speak with all students requesting a leave for medical reasons (either via email, phone, or in-person).

*Your Law School Award, Financial Aid, ID access and privileges, SU Housing eligibility, Meal Plans, and Visa status (if applicable) are all affected when you take a Leave of Absence. To determine the implications a Leave of Absence request will have on your specific circumstances, contact the appropriate offices.*